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Decoding the NATA Exam Structure

The NATA exam is divided into two parts, each designed to evaluate different skill sets:
Part 1: Online Assessment

Subjects: Mathematics and General Aptitude
Questions: 20 for Mathematics, 40 for

General Aptitude
Marks: 40 for Mathematics, 80 for General Aptitude
Duration: 90 minutes

Part 2: Drawing Test

Task: Two sets of drawing questions
Questions: 2
Marks: 80
Duration: 90 minutes

Part 1 is conducted online, while Part 2 requires candidates to demonstrate their drawing skills on an A4 size sheet.
Strategies for Part 1 Preparation

To excel in Part 1, candidates should review basic Mathematics and General Aptitude textbooks. The key to success lies in practicing mock papers extensively. Numerous online test series are available, allowing candidates to evaluate and enhance their performance. Regular practice helps in time management and tackling the maximum number of questions during the actual NATA exam. Additionally, reviewing past exam papers can provide insight into the types of questions asked.

Mastering Part 2: The Drawing Test

Part 2 does not demand advanced knowledge; a fundamental understanding of drawing principles is sufficient. Candidates should focus on mastering dimensions, scaling, and spatial logic. The test evaluates the ability to render three-dimensional objects, understand light and shadow effects, and create perspective and memory drawings. Consistent practice tailored to the exam’s requirements is the secret to scoring well in this section.